Greers Ferry Vacation Rentals

Greers Ferry Vacation Rentals

The best Greers Ferry vacation rentals include all of the amenities you expect, so you can save money on additional entertainment while you get away from it all. Greers Ferry Rental offers a superior vacation experience in a comfortable and spacious cottage that has been updated with all the comforts of home. You’re sure to appreciate the ‘everything’s included’ rates that are easy on the wallet.

Spend more of your vacation time eating in. Greers Ferry Rental’s cottage features a modern, full kitchen with all the comforts of home, including a stainless steel refrigerator, oven and dishwasher- along with numerous additional mini-conveniences like a waffle iron, coffee maker, microwave, blender, cookware and much more- you’ll even find spices and flour to get you started. Think of the money you’ll save if you don’t have to eat out at 3 meals every day while visiting Greers Ferry!

Launch your boat or other watersport equipment just 2 miles down the road at the Cove Creek Campground, where you’ll find additional activities to enjoy with campers. Cove Creek Recreational Area & Campground is an extremely popular location for campers and is open for visitors for socializing. Rent a boat from any one of numerous area marinas or feel free to bring your own- there’s ample space in the cottage yard.

If vacationing is synonymous with fishing to you and your group, you’ll find Greers Ferry Lake to be an ideal destination. Not all Greers Ferry vacation rentals are fishermen friendly- Greers Ferry Rental is! It surprises a lot of anglers to learn that Greers Ferry is a top fishing destination; in fact, the Lake holds world records for several types of fish, including a 22 lb 11 oz Walleye, a 27 lb 5 oz Hybrid Striped Bass, and a 40+ lb German Brown Trout! It’s also a fact that many trophy-sized fish come out of Greers Ferry Lake. We invite you to enjoy one of the top 10 most pristine water destination locations in the US.

Enjoy non-stop fun in the sun on beautiful Greers Ferry Lake and stay in one of the most beloved Greers Ferry vacation rentals around. Check out the rates and plans available over the website by clicking on ‘Our Cabin’ and scrolling down past the amenities. While reservations are available during all seasons of the year, you’ll find the current season to be highlighted for your convenience. Feel free to book your stay during the winter, spring, summer or fall and enjoy unbeatable rates that include all the comforts of home.

Availability of the cottage is viewable just under the rates and plans: green for available dates and pink for unavailable dates. Hover your mouse over any date to reveal the rate. Note that repeat customers enjoy discounted rates and priority booking! Reserve your spot at what is often called one of the very best Greers Ferry vacation rentals in the area. Call Greers Ferry Rental at 501-993-4143 or book right over the website.

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